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Untethered with Evernote is your gateway to freedom. Freedom from tiny scraps of paper, lost lists and chains to the office. Learn to work from ANYwhere with Evernote. This book provides the tools you need for virtual workflows. Written by two Evernote Business Certified Consultants, Evernote Ambassadors, and entrepreneurs. And, one of only three books available in Evernote's Market.

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Prefer a tangible book to help you embrace the digital age? Untethered with Evernote is also available in paperback. You can flip through pages, write in the margins, and then use Scannable to digitize your notes!


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You will learn to:

Work from Anywhere

Untether yourself from the office with cloud based software.

Organize Your Life

Manage your personal and work life, all in one place.

Increase Productivity

Spend less time organizing and more time with your clients.

Master Evernote

Become a power user with case studies from two Evernote power-users and Ambassadors.

Book excerpts

Preview the full table of contents, the complete introduction, and the first pages from two key chapters of Untethered with Evernote. The full book is approximately 150 pages (varies slightly depending on which file format you buy) of the author’s Evernote guidance and provides a total of 15 Evernote workflows for you to use.

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Chapter 3


Chapter 6


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  • Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    - Why Get Untethered? [...]
  • Chapter 3

    - Mastering the Fundamentals [...]
  • Chapter 6

    - Happy Customers [...]

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Available in pdf, epub, mobi, and print [sold out].

What our readers say

Tom Siko

Tom Siko

I’ve been so happy with the book. Untethered is about how to be more successful with your life because of Evernote. Often, too much emphasis is put on the technology and not enough on the results. Untethered really focuses on how to get results with Evernote.

Carolyn Lowe

Carolyn Lowe

This book took my Evernote usage to the next level. It's helping me to actually put a system in place that I can use in my everyday business. It's my new Evernote bible.

Ranny Welton

Ranny Welton

Untethered with Evernote by Stacey Harmon and Kristi Willis is a must read if you have a serious interest in Evernote.


Untethered with Evernote is available in multiple versions. Order a digital copy in either PDF, ePub, or mobi format. Get a soft cover print copy mailed to you. Or go all in and pair the book with our 6 week Get Untethered Master Coaching Class that supports your execution of the concepts in the book. Pick your version to purchase:

About the authors

Stacey Harmon and Kristi Willis are Evernote Business Certified Consultants and Ambassadors. They are both also independent entrepreneurs using Evernote to help lead nearly paperless, untethered lives.

Stacey HarmonStacey Harmon

Stacey Harmon is an overall curious person, a passionate Evernote lover, and GTD fanatic. She is Principal of Harmon Enterprises which specializes in Evernote workflow design, consulting, and user training for companies of all sizes. She is also a national speaker who teaches best practices for being productive with Evernote as well as strategies for branding in a digital age at companies and events across the country. Stacey’s passion for Evernote has enabled her to become nearly 100% paperlesss and allowed her to always have her office with her. She can work from anywhere as a result. She has a long professional history in the real estate space with 18 years working in operations, sales, and marketing for the top firms in Orange County, CA. Although her company maintains a large client base in the real estate sector, her industries of service have diversified to anyone looking for greater productivity. Stacey uses Evernote to manage a GTD workflow that helps her be more effective and efficient in her work and her life. | @staceyharmon | Book a Consulting Session with Stacey

KristiWillisKristi Willis

A creative technology consultant and writer, Kristi Willis helps her clients develop seamless workflows and best practices, create engaging learning and build thriving teams. She is as comfortable diagramming Evernote workflows on a whiteboard as she is programming an online learning module or facilitating a session on team trust. As passionate as Kristi is about technology, she’s equally zealous about food and is a regular contributor to Edible Austin and Austin Woman magazines, Culturemap Austin and her own blog, Kristi’s Farm to Table. She uses Evernote to manage it all and proudly serves as the Freelancing ambassador for Evernote. | @kristifarm2tbl | Book a Consulting Session with Kristi

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